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Collaborating with others on specific projects is what teamwork is all about. However, while focusing on deadlines is great for getting things done, it’s also important to find time to boost morale and spend time with one another through out-of-the-box activities. This investment in the short-term produces long-term benefits for the creativity and happiness of the entire group. But how do you bond with your team while remaining true to your mission of performing productively and making an impact?  


Enter—community involvement. Making a difference in your community is a wonderful way to unite under a common cause! Below we’ve outlined our ideas for rallying your team around local community service projects. 

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Steps to a Successful Service Event

  1. Find a cause. Brainstorm organizations that are important to you and your team. Take everyone’s ideas into account and consider finding a non-profit especially close to home. If anyone in your group has a family member who is specifically associated with a group or organization, such as Alzheimer’s, breast cancer, leukemia, etc., start there first. Check out more ideas, here. 
  2. Be inclusive and select a date together. Using a digital poll will ensure that everyone can check their calendars and select a date that works for the majority of the team. 
  3. Think local. Consider bettering your community in several core areas. Focus on your immediate neighborhood by: 
    • organizing a street clean up. 
    • planting trees. 
    • hosting a blood drive for nearby hospitals. 

    Focus on youth by: 

    • volunteering to help students create resumes. 
    • working with local schools to develop an internship program. 
    • having a supply drive for a nearby school. 

    Focus on adults by:  

    • arranging a clothing drive of professional development clothes. 
    • gathering used books for the local library. 
    • collecting spare change for the homeless in your area.  

4. Gather supplies. What will you need to ensure your event is a success? (e.g., gloves, trash bags, water, snacks)

5. Unify your look. On the day of the event, increase comradery by dressing in the same color or by wearing the same team logo. This will heighten the team’s connection and provide aesthetically pleasing content for promoting your good work in your next newsletter! 

6. Mix up roles. Hosting a fundraiser or volunteer event is an awesome opportunity to switch things up from the norm. Encourage everyone to jump into different roles. You might find hidden skills and untapped resources among members.  

7. Reflect on your impact. After the event, gather your team to process the experience and share what you learned and how you feel. This extra step is a great way to highlight the difference your group made as well as to note strategy changes for next year, if needed. What other activities could you incorporate throughout the year? 

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Start small, then go global.

If organizing a big team project seems out of reach right now, think about other ways to engage with your community. For example, shout out local businesses whose services you use in your next client newsletter. Spotlight the person who waters the plants, your favorite lunch spot, or the local printer who produces your team’s t-shirts. If you’re ready to tackle a bigger project, think about ways your group can make a difference in places beyond your neighborhood. Nonprofit organizations like Global Giving match donors to causes that are important to them from around the world.  

Whether you decide to turn your focus near or far, the important part is to continue the culture of giving! Once you’ve hosted a community impact event or smaller service project, don’t stop! Keep the momentum going by coming up with other ways that serving others can be seamlessly blended into your team’s DNA. 

Now that you've considered how you can involve your team in the community, it's time to brainstorm ways to create a stronger team culture!

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