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Our Mission

To enrich multiple generations by empowering success through authentic leadership & training. 

Corporate Community

We  pride ourselves on servant leadership.  This is who we are—to our  core.  Our true home is in serving our community.  We make sure the people we interact with  every day  are getting the  very  best experience  from every single person  in our company.  

In order to lead we must grow, care, and believe, which is why we have established guiding principles to help direct the corporate community culture that we embody.

We do our very best to abide by these principles and provide our community with stellar support, direct education, and innovative training. We are certain that if we  provide  the support  you need to grow, you will become an empowered and successful leader  spanning generations.  

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We accumulate knowledge and love to learn. We are “professional learners.” But even more importantly, we surround ourselves with high-quality, knowledgeable people in every department. You won’t find a more motivated and serving group of people  working for YOU.  

We are bold in promoting change in our industry while supporting tradition and foundation. As a company, we’ve grown exponentially in the last 40 years (four decades!), but our core foundation and principles don’t waver.

We own  and relish in  our successes,  but  believe quick and efficient recovery from mistakes can be just as beneficial as not making the mistake in the first place.   

We  are stubborn in conviction and agile in our reflection. We know who we are and where we’re headed.  We  understand that the world is not  static  and we must be capable of fluidity on a daily basis. Onward and upward!    


We take care of our team. Work is important, but so are the people behind the desks. World Wide Group™ is progressive and demanding in maintaining a strong work/life balance for its employees.  

We indulge our curiosity and creativity and enjoy it! We allow the creative magic to flourish whenever possible. We absolutely take our work seriously, but not so serious that we can’t  fill our  boss’s  office from floor to ceiling with balloons on his birthday.   

We listen—to each other, to you, and to our community. Feedback  is  invaluable, and we use it. Consistently.   


We commit to always looking forward. Before one project is complete, we are four steps ahead looking to see how we can develop and implement  an even better experience for our community.  

We believe in YOU. Our community of business builders is the reason we do what we do. We love seeing you thrive and are constantly checking that what we’re doing is what you need.