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Gratitude Matters

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You’ve heard it before: There is always something to show gratitude for (even in our last post!). Maybe you show your gratitude by simply saying, “thank you.” Or maybe you like to think outside the box and give others your time, perform random acts of kindness, or write a note to show you care. No matter how you express it, gratitude really is life changing.


We know what you’re thinking … the idea that something so small could literally change your life seems like an exaggeration, right? Well, it’s not! There are so many incredible benefits to simply being thankful for what you have. And those benefits really do have the power to alter your life for the better. Let’s take a look at a few of them!

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Gratitude improves self-esteem.

The way that you see yourself matters. High self-esteem has been proven to lead to confidence, realistic expectations, and the ability to form secure relationships. These are all important to hitting your goals and ultimately being successful. On the other hand, low self-esteem has been linked to unwanted feelings of sadness, anxiety, anger, shame, and guilt. The good news is that studies show gratitude can help improve the way you feel about yourself!


By thinking about the positives that other people and things bring to your life, it would make sense that you start to see greater value in yourself. So, if you’re struggling with your self-esteem, we challenge you to take a step back and appreciate all that you have!

Gratitude equals better health.

Let’s talk health benefits! Gratitude may impr According to the Mayo Clinic, gratitude has been shown to improve sleep, boost immunity, and decrease the risk of disease. It’s crazy that all that good stuff can come from just being thankful for what you have, right? If it sounds simple, that’s because it is! 😉


Mental health is also greatly affected by gratitude. A 2016 study found that participants who kept a gratitude journal experienced an increased sense of belonging. If you’re looking for ways to improve your overall well-being … look no further!

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Gratitude improves relationships.

We all strive for quality relationships in our lives. And it turns out, gratitude is an important piece of building them! Psychologist Sara Algoe says that feeling grateful allows us to identify people who are responsive to our needs and helps bring us closer to them.


It’s been said that we become like the people we spend the most time around. So, if you’re trying to appreciate what you have, it’s likely that those around you will follow suit! Suddenly, you’ll notice how you’ve built a small community of like-minded people who appreciate life. And there’s nothing better than that!

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How do I get started?

So, how do you unlock all of these incredible benefits, you ask? There’s no secret formula. At the end of the day, it comes down to adopting an attitude of gratitude! Here are a few ideas to get you going:

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The coolest thing about gratitude is that it’s so incredibly easy to express. And if you pay attention, you’ll notice opportunities to show it every day.

What are three things you're grateful for?

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