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Fall Activities While Still Social Distancing

There’s no question that this year is one for the history books and with the current environment, some of our favorite fall activities have changed a bit.

But, it’s a new season, the weather’s changing, leaves are falling (at least here in the Northwest), and it’s the perfect time to embrace the changes around us.  

The tough thing this year is that social distancing is still a very harsh reality, and in addition to having fun, we all still want to stay safe. Don’t fret, there are plenty of fun fall activities to enjoy while still social distancing that will curb your craving for cozy 

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Here are a few of our favorite fall activities:

Rake leaves.

The leaves on your lawn don’t know they’re supposed to be social distancing. The trees are still letting them drop, so if you want your grass to be green next spring … get out there and rake em up! 

Pick apples (or pears, or peaches, or bananas ... maybe pineapple?).

past time for everyone (depending where you live), and one that usually ends in a pie, crumble, or those really amazing apple cider donuts! 

Watch a scary movie.

Grab the popcorn, pick your favorite, and call blanket fort for the night (or afternoon)! 

Read a good book.

Still working through your TBR pile? Here’s a post to help you get through it this fall.

Drink apple cider.

or just make your home smell like you are by simmering water, orange slices, cinnamon, and apple juice together on low heat over the stove. (Just remember to keep the neighbors 6 feet away when they come running to see what you’re cooking.)  

Carve up a gourd or fruit.

 Don’t just stick with pumpkins try carving a pineapple for your front porch!  


Swap your wardrobe.

Change out your spring and summer clothes in your closet for your sweaters and wool socks! It’s easier to keep your room organized and simplified when you make things simple.


Prep for spring by planting fall bulbs in your yard or garden! Check your growing zone here to see what grows best and when to plant.

Learn to knit.

Hit the trail.

Go before the snow flies … or, even after. There are so many amazing places in the world, and we’re betting that there’s someplace awesome near you! Check out alltrails.com, pick a spot, pack your bag, and hit the trail!  

Breathe in.

If you can’t make it out for a hike, go for something with the same effect. Open the windows and doors in your home and let in the crisp, autumn air. 

Drive into the sunset.

Take in the changing colors. Grab your spouse, kid, pet, or go it alone—crank the tunes, have a long chat, plan your goals—long drives are perfect for getting your life together.  

Up your cooking game.

Cook up a big batch of soup in the Crockpot™ or InstaPot, and dinner will be ready with almost zero effort. Need a recipe? Here are a few great ones to start.

Turn on the fireplace.

Get the spokes.

Go on a ghost tour! Do a little research and see if your city offers this! Many cities (big and small!) have tours of some of the creepiest places, or even just offer a spooky history of where you live. They’re usually reasonably priced and make a great date night! 

Fill your home with autumn scents.

Make someone’s day.

Send notes to your favorite people, telling them that you’re thinking of them, or thank them for being there for you.  

No matter your favorite fall activity, try something new! Life is never going to be perfect and there’s always going to be a bit of uncertainty, but it’s up to us to find the joy in the little things. (Hint: The little things sometimes turn out to be the big things.)  

It’s a big world out there. Fall is a beautiful season … let’s make the most of it (safely, of course!).  

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What’s your favorite fall activity where you live? Share with us in the comments below! We LOVE hearing from you! 

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