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Square One: Redefining Who You Are

The word “change” is spelled out with a ‘c’ above the ‘g’ to indicate the word “chance.”

Have you ever heard someone say, “Well that’s just who I am? Or maybe you’ve heard, “Oh, that’s something I’ve always done.” Perhaps you’ve even said it yourself. We all occasionally find ourselves falling into routines and actions that don’t benefit us, and we chalk it up to an underlying characteristic, like it’s a part of our DNA. But here’s a secret: If you don’t like that characteristic, you can change it. You can go back to square one and start redefining who you are.  

A TV with a built-in VHS player sits on a wood floor in front of a brick wall and displays a screen of blue static.

Take a step back.

First, it’s important to hit the rewind button. If you’re beginning the process of redefining who you are, you must identify the path that led you to the point of wanting to start over. Consider past actions that weren’t beneficial to your character development. Determine regular choices that didn’t have a positive impact on your future. Once you’ve pinpointed the negative inputs in your life, remove them or minimize them. Then, it’s time to let go of your past and start back at square one! 

Two people smooth out wet concrete over rebar to create a foundation.

Lay out your foundation.

Now that you’re back at the beginning (metaphorically), it’s time to rebuild yourself from the ground up. Reflect on what matters to you. Take a close look at your values, morals, and ideals. Choose the ones that resonate with you most and that you will never sacrifice.  


If you value gratitude and generosity, base your actions around those concepts. Make giving and gratifying part of your regular routines. If you value honesty and humility, people will gather that much from you based on your interactions with them. Someone who is around you frequently will be able to ascertain your values solely from your actions and reactions. 


While redefining who you are, it’s helpful to go back to those values whenever you feel uneasy. They help you maintain a direction that brings significance and meaning into your life. The foundation has settled, but now what?


Let go of your ego.

A doorway that leads to a hall has the phrase “open your mind” written next to it in pink.

Leave what you knew at the door.

Redefining who you are means adopting a growth mindset. This ensures that you keep an open mind and are always willing to learn, and thus always willing to change. And if you’re not afraid of change, then it’s unlikely that you’ll find yourself stuck again in the future.

So, accept that you don’t know everything. Know that there’s something to learn from everyone. Gain perspective from others regularly by listening closely and asking questions, and you’ll avoid limiting yourself.

The word “purpose” is spelled out with colorful felt letters on a burlap surface.

Prioritize your purpose.

As you redefine yourself, carefully consider your purpose. Think about the reason for redefining who you are. Is your reason because you want to live a healthier, happier life? Perhaps you want to have a larger positive impact on the world around you. Whatever the case, picking a purpose gives you direction and causes you to become more intentional with your actions. 


Practice intentional actions by getting organized and setting goals that align with your new purpose and established values. 

Three hikers stand atop a mountain with arms stretched to the sky. One person leaps into the air. The background is a mountainous valley at sunset.

Go after your goals with gusto!

Set goals the SMART way! After you’ve set goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound, you can launch right into the work. And if you’re looking for tips on how to reach your goals even faster, check out another blog of ours.


Chase your goals with intensity, excitement, and relentlessness. Let those goals know that you mean business. Then, follow the final step of redefining who you are …

Integrate, appreciate, and replicate.

Values? Check.

Perspective? Check.

Purpose? Check.

Goals? Check!

With everything completed at square one, you can now move on to the maintenance stage. Integrate yourself with communities who share your values and similar goals. Doing so will keep you from deviating too far from your purpose. Then, learn to appreciate each step of your journey. Celebrate the failures, the successes, and everything in between. Hard work is worth it. Finally, repeat the processes that bring you significance. And if you ever find yourself stuck, lost, or in need of realignment, always come back to your values. 

A great way to maintain your values, purpose, and goals is to build and keep good habits.

Here's how!
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