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Morning Routine Ideas and How to Stick to Them

The morning sun creates a silver lining behind gray clouds.

You’ve heard successful people talk about their morning routines, and now you’re inspired to find one of your own. But where do you start? And how do you create one that’s perfect for you? We’ve got you covered because we have morning routine ideas (and ways to stick to them) coming your way! 


But first, let’s talk about why morning routines continue to be a personal development practice you don’t want to skip. 

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Why are morning routines important?

Life gets crazy, as we all know. No one wakes up hoping to be UNproductive. But by the end of the day, our to-do list continues to loom over our heads, and we wonder where the time has gone. 


Enter morning routines. When you start your day off with positivity and productivity, you’re setting yourself up for success. Here are just a few reasons why: 

But don’t take our word for it. Check out our 30 morning routine ideas and create one for yourself.

30 Morning Routine Ideas to Mix and Match

Are you still on the fence on whether being an early bird is for you? We’ve got good news. Your morning routine doesn’t have to look like someone else’s. You get to decide the time you wake up, the duration of your routine, how many steps you take, and what you fill your precious morning time with. We’ve compiled morning routine ideas for you to mix and match so you can curate your ideal morning.  

A mug sitting on a window sill reads, "make today awesome."

Morning Routine Ideas for Good Habits

Let’s start with creating daily habits that will get your morning off to a great start. These are simple yet effective ways to get productive from the get-go: 

Morning Routine Ideas for Your Body

Although taking care of your body is an “all-day” thing, there are many ways to incorporate healthy habits first thing in the morning. Here are a few practices to choose from: 

  • Go for a walk.
  • Head to the gym.
  • Drink water before coffee.
  • Make a smoothie.
  • Take a cold shower.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast.
  • Stretch or do yoga.
  • Take your vitamins.
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Morning Routine Ideas for Your Mind and Heart

Set your morning off on the right track by settling into the day by filling your cup with these ideas: 

  • Take time to meditate.
  • Practice mindfulness.
  • Write in your journal.
  • Do your breathing exercises.
  • Practice gratitude.
  • Sit in silence.

Morning Routine Ideas for Business

If you’ve got goals to reach and dreams to chase, leveling up your skill set is nonnegotiable. The first part of your day is a great time to learn something new!  

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Morning Routine Ideas for Your Joy

Remember that this morning routine is for you, so be sure to find time for activities that bring you joy. Check out these ideas or get creative with your own! 

  • Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea.
  • Take time to knit, sew, or craft.
  • Read a fictional novel.
  • Watch the sunrise.
  • Water your plants.
  • Listen to uplifting music.

Stick to your new morning routine.

Once you’ve decided on what you want your mornings to look like, how do you manage to stick to it? The success of your morning routine starts the night before. Set yourself up for a win by planning ahead with these ideas: 

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Make these morning routine ideas yours!

Building your morning routine is a journey. Some seasons of life may allow for more time than others. You may even find yourself adding and subtracting to your list to fit your needs along the way. We sure hope these morning routine ideas help you discover your perfect morning so you can make each day count. 

Building your morning routine requires trial and error.

Balancing action with reflection will help guide you in your journey!
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