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Unique Ways to Show You Care

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There’s nothing better and more important than having friends you can rely on and people in your court. Buying a bouquet of flowers or box of chocolates is an easy option to show someone you care … but will it make a lasting impact? Consider expressing your affection in unique and unexpected ways. Strengthening friendships and showing gratitude for the hard work and efforts of the people who are important to you is the absolute best use of our time. Rather than relying on the expected, try out these simple yet powerful expressions of thanks to show your crew what they mean to you! 

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Show you value their health.

While there’s nothing wrong with indulging in sweets on Valentine’s Day, the extra sugar consumed during this holiday can lead to stomach aches, cavities, headaches, and other negative results (not the intention!). Instead, promote healthy choices while genuinely showing your adoration for others by tuning into their physical and mental needs.  

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Physical Health

Invite someone important to you to a group fitness class (and offer to pick them up) or meet up for a walk through the park. Depending on the weather where you live, arrange another activity that will get both your heart rate up and your body moving, such as ice skating. Or take a healthy cooking class together!

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Mental Health

Free up a friend’s schedule so that they can go somewhere and relax. What can you take off their plate? Ask to run an errand, fill up their car with gas, or do the grocery shopping so that they have extra time for themselves. By relieving their mind of a task they aren’t looking forward to, you show you care about their mental health, too. 

Celebrate their successes.

Maybe your teammate took a risk that did (or didn’t) pay off. They tackled something tough, and that is worth celebrating! Take them out for a “you were willing to fail smoothie, a victory coffee, or make them something special to show you’re proud of them.  

Teach them something new.

What are you an expert at and how could it benefit somebody else? Do you love creating graphics? Save a friend time while benefiting their business by whipping up a few flyers for them. If you’re fluent in Spanish, and you know they’ve been looking for a language tutor, offer to help out. ¡No problemo! 

Make big picture plans.

Schedule a goal setting session with someone important to you. During your time together, commit to holding each other accountable to achieving the vision you have for your lives. What have they always wanted to do? Write a book? Start a business? Make an impact on others? Help them make their dreams a reality!

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Demonstrate how much you know them.

Create a unique playlist curated especially for someone special in your life. This might include songs you know they’ll love or songs that represent your friendship. Share it with them via Spotify™ or Apple Music™ so that they’re able to easily listen to it from anywhere 


Another way to show that you’ve been listening, really listening, is to point out one of their lesser-praised qualities. If someone you know is incredibly hard working but gets complimented more for what they produce than their work ethic, take a moment to acknowledge the long hours and dedication they put in.  


Showing someone that you appreciate them goes beyond buying a gift. Sometimes all it takes is asking someone how they are … and then closing your mouth and listening as they respond! Generously giving your time and attention is the number one way to show you care. 

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