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Be kind. It’s something that’s ingrained into our heads from the time we’re young. We’re taught that taking our friends’ toys isn’t very nice, we should always share our snacks, and giving big hugs shows that we care. 


When we get older, not taking our friends’ toys turns into learning how to manage conflict professionally (just like we talked about in this post). Sharing our snacks turns into sharing advice. And, well, we still give big hugs to show that we care. Whether we’re 3 years old or 30 years old, there’s one overarching theme in all phases of life: There’s value in being kind (take a look at some of the benefits, here!). How can you focus on helping others feel seen, heard, and validated? 

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Make room on your sidewalk.

Have you ever tried walking on a sidewalk with two other people? If so, you know that three people do not fit on the average sidewalk very well … and oftentimes, one person ends up having to awkwardly walk in the back. Look out for the sidewalk stragglers in your everyday life. If you see someone standing by themselves, invite them into your conversation. Find shared interests to bond over. Expand your metaphorical sidewalk to make space for everyone.  

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Share your positive thoughts.

It takes approximately 5 seconds to hype someone else up. And who knows … just one positive comment may be enough to change that person’s entire day. If you’ve noticed someone’s been working hard toward their goals lately, give them a shoutout. If you watched someone do an exceptionally crisp cartwheel on the beach, tell them. We tend to keep our positive thoughts to ourselves when we should be taking every opportunity to shout them from the rooftops. 📣 

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Be helpful.

We get so focused on our own lives that it gets hard to spot opportunities to lend a hand to others. But if you take the time to intentionally look around, you’ll find small ways to be helpful every day. Here are a few examples that won’t cost you a penny: 

  • Share what you know. If you’re great with technology, help someone who’s not so tech-savvy navigate their smartphone. If someone’s lost in a city you know well, offer to give them directions.
  • Volunteer. There’s no better gift than the gift of your time, right? Try out a few of these great ideas for donating your time to your community.
  • Show up for people. Be a listening ear, an advice-giver, a shoulder to cry on, a cheerleader … maybe even all of these at once. Sometimes, what people need most is for you to just be there.
  • Make life easier for others. Let a person with fewer items in their cart good in line at the grocery store. Allow someone to merge into your lane in traffic. Clean up after yourself when you’re at a friend’s house. Those small, seemingly meaningless acts of kindness often make the biggest difference in someone else’s day.

So … go be kind today! Fill someone else’s cup. Look for ways to lighten another person’s load, even if only slightly. You’ll create a ripple effect of kindness simply by showing a little more love to others, daily. 

How have you shown kindness today? Share with us in the comments!

Let's stick with this theme of spreading positive energy!

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