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Say “Hello” to Spring With These Non-Spring Cleaning Activities

Cherry blossoms on a branch sit against the blue sky with the sun brightly shining in the background.

We’re almost there. The snow is starting to melt, the sun is peeking through, and you’re ready to pull those short-sleeve shirts from the back of your closet. For all you winter lovers, you’ll have to excuse our excitement because SPRING HAS (nearly) SPRUNG! If you’re as ready to welcome this fresh season as we arewe’ve got a list of fun activities to help you celebrate. (And we aren’t talking about spring cleaning!) 

A steaming cup of coffee in a brown coffee mug sits on a wood round coaster.

Get up earlier.

We “sprung forward” earlier this week, and that means we’re gaining daylight left and right. So, use it as your motivation to get up minutes earlier each morning … and then build up your time from there! Be sure to have your coffee on-hand for your new early morning wake-up call. 😉 

A laptop sits on an outdoor picnic table surrounded by potted pink spring flowers and a white coffee mug.

Take your work outside.

You may not have a designated “spring break” but that doesn’t mean you can’t get out in the sunIf you can, grab your laptop and head outside to enjoy the fresh air while you workAll it takes is a strong wi-fi connection and a little creativity. You’ll be surprised at what good weather can do for your productivity! 

A road in the middle of the desert leads to a massive red rock formation at sunset.

Take a road trip.

Feeling like you’ve been cooped up in the house all winter long? You’re not alone. Pack up the car and hit the road! Whether you have a week or a weekend, it’s so much fun to get out and explore somewhere new (even if it’s just a neighboring town).

A person wearing black leggings and a brown sweatshirt sits cross legged on a yellow yoga mat in the grass.

Get out and get active.

The start of a new season is the perfect time to get re-motivated toward your goals. And if getting into a workout routine has been on your minddon’t wait … start today! Take advantage of the warmer weather by moving your yoga session to the park or hiking your favorite trail. Use our favorite workout styles as inspiration if you’re not sure where to start!

A person's hands are covered with soil as they plan sprouting seeds in a garden bed.

Plant a garden.

Gardening season is back! And depending on what the climate is like where you live, it might be time to start getting seeds in the ground. This article offers great tips on how to tell when it’s go-time for your early-spring veggiesNot a gardener? That’s okay! Try growing sprouts or microgreens on your porch, or even a windowsill.

Three scoops of orange ice cream are piled in a bowl, as a spoon digs into the top scoop.

Make ice cream.

Are we getting a little ahead of ourselves with this one? Maybe. We know it isn’t crazy warm out yet, but in our opinion, all weather is ice cream weather. And it’s so easy to make your own! Try out this recipe for dessert tonight. 

Green bins are filled with fresh vegetables: spinach, tomatoes, radishes, scallions, onions, and carrots.

Visit a farmer's market.

Farmer’s market season is in full swingThese markets are your one-stop-shop for local produce, flowers, meats, baked goods, and so much more. This is an easy way to show support for the businesses in your community while loading up on fresh goods. Do some research and find one happening near you! 

Ready or not, spring is almost here (depending on where you live!)And this change in seasons could be exactly what you need to start a new routine or finally get to those things youve been putting off. Here’s to a bright, sunny, and productive spring season! 

What's at the top of your bucket list this spring?

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