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End of Summer Blues? It’s a Sign!

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We’ve had all the fun summer can offer, the fall equinox has come and gone, and now the mornings are crisper, the nights come faster, and it’s tougher than ever to not hit the snooze button. You don’t need a reason to check in with yourself and your goals (you’re an adult after all!)—but now really IS the perfect time. 


You might think it’s time to settle in for your long winter’s nap—think again! Re-evaluate, recommit, and restructure your goals so you make progress during the ENTIRE year! When you see or feel others winding down, it’s time for you to jump in head first! Why? Because your goals and dreams are important—your “why” is what keeps you going and you have the drive and will to stay on top of it!

What can you do today?

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1. Define this "season" of your life.

Find a word (preferably positive!) that speaks to where you’re at in this season of life. Better yet, find a word that defines where you want to be in your next season of life! Need inspiration? Try these. 


Write a few of them out and see how they serve you. Pick your favorite and use it as a daily inspiration. Put it as the lock screen on your phone, keep a post-it on your front door; just keep it in front of you.   

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2. Write a letter.

During a time when you’re feeling particularly enthusiastic, motivated, or inspired, write a letter to yourself. Spill it! 


What big ideas do you have?  

What motivates you to be better?  

How do you feel about the future? 

Make a list, or just start writing and see what comes out of the pen. Then, seal it up and put it on your desk or somewhere convenient for when you’re struggling. You’re not the person you are on a bad day, and sometimes on a bad day … you need to hear it from someone important, YOU! 

Need help? Don’t overcomplicate it! 


Dear Self (put your own name here or it’s weird),  


Today was great. I woke up on time and made a list of what I was going to do, and you know what? I actually did it! I feel like today is a day where I’m working toward my goals, and I think some of the reasons are: 


  • – I’ve been eating a good breakfast most days. (Yes, even though I went through a spell of eating Oreos® each day for three days, I BROKE that habit). 

  • – I slept great after going to bed 30 min earlier than usual and only binged two episodes of Deadliest Catch instead of the usual five!  


I’m realizing that even though I’m not perfect, I’m trying really hard every day to do even just a little better. And you know what? That’s amazing.  




Me. A really cool person who’s better than they were yesterday! 


P.S. Remember not to get discouraged just because one thing doesn’t go your way. 

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3. Talk it out.

It’s a busy place inside our own head, and it’s tough to navigate things alone. The great news is that generally, we don’t have to! You likely have someone in your corner who would make a great sounding board. Just because it’s uncomfortable, or it makes you feel vulnerable, shouldn’t mean you shy away from it. Odds are, you’ll gain insight from voicing where you’re at to someone else.  


Don’t know how to start the conversation? Don’t make it harder than it needs to be. Start here. 

  • “I’m feeling stuck in <insert subject>. Do you mind walking through some things with me? I’d love your thoughts.”
  • “I’m so excited about <insert topic>! I want to talk about it and what I’m thinking about doing next. Can I chat about it with you just to get some feedback?
  • “I’m struggling on figuring out my goals for the rest of the year. Here’s what I have, what do you think?

Being vulnerable and asking others is a solid way to get grounded and steer yourself in a clear direction. But being vulnerable with yourself is even more important. Seeing where you are, what you can work on or toward, and how you’ve improved is the way to move ahead. 


It’s time to use the changing season to dig in, lift yourself up, and do the darn thing! Kiss summer a quick goodbye, tell her you’ll see her next year, and dive into your next goal.  

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