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Change Is Hard (and Necessary!)

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“Change is the only constant.True. But no matter how often we’re told that change is normal, it doesn’t always mean it’s easy. We’re humans, after all … humans who are creatures of habit. We get cozy in the comfort of our routines, and when one thing shifts out of place, it often feels like the world is ending (spoiler alert: it’s not). 


Take a second to think about where you want to be in 5 years. Do you hope to be running a thriving smoothie stand? Maybe you see yourself in a leadership role? While everyone has different goals, there’s one thing we all have in common: Every success requires change. Getting to where you want to be means that at some point, you must be willing to leave the spot you’re currently in.  


Rather than avoiding change at all costs, it’s time to make it your new best friend. We’ve got a few helpful tips to get you started! 

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Uncertainty is possibility.

One of the scariest things about change is the uncertainty of it all. That’s why some people prefer to watch the same TV shows over and overwe like to know what’s going to happen next. No surprises. But the first step to embracing change is relinquishing some of that control and being okay with not knowing every detail of what’ll happen down the road. In fact, maybe even let that uncertainty … excite you?  


But what if I regret moving across the country 

What if I write that book I’ve always wanted to write and it’s a total flop? 

What if …  


Uncertainty is scary because things might go wrong (and at some point, they will)! But guess what? They could also go right! What if that move across the country ends up being the best decision you’ve ever made? What if you write the book and it winds up as a best-seller? You never know until you go for it, right? Within every uncertain situation, there also lies the glimmering hope of possibilitylike maybe, just maybe, things will work out in your favor. Maybe the best-case scenario will happen. What positive possibilities could be headed your way if you lean in?  

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One step at a time.

Changes of all sizes often feel even bigger than they really are when we get wrapped up in the monstrosity of the big picture. Shift your mindset by breaking up those changes into smaller, more manageable steps.  


For example, let’s say you want to make a change to your lifestyle and start eating healthy and working out more. Big goal? Yes. But maybe you start by focusing on limiting processed foods and opting for healthier options. Once you’ve done that, maybe your next step is figuring out what workout styles interest you (ideas, here!). Then, you focus on getting 8 hours of sleep at night. The point is that when you really break it down, suddenly that big change you were so afraid to make seems just a little more doable. So, focus on just one step at a time. 

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You're doing great.

Fun fact: One in three people would avoid change if they could. So, if you’re out there actively embracing change, knowing it’s the key to achieving your goals? Good for YOU. It’s not always easy, but you’re doing the dang thing. Give yourself some grace through the growing pains and remember that trying new things will only get you closer to where you want to be. 


To wrap it up, change is difficult, but you are capable of doing difficult things. And while nobody has a perfectly laid out roadmap of how to navigate it, there’s no doubt that change is essential to reaching your goals. So, embrace it, learn to love it, give it a big hug, and treat it like the important part of your journey that it is. 

Speaking of change, the seasons are changing and spring has sprung!

Don't forget to add "tidying your mindset" to your spring-cleaning to-do list this year.
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