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Your 2024 Wellness Routine Guide

A lightbulb, apple, water carton, and dumbbell all sit in a line.

Anytime is a great time for a health reset, but the start of a new year is better than ever! We don’t just want to give you tips on ways to get healthy in 2024 … we want to help you create a lifestyle change with new habits. So, let’s get into it with your […]

Finding Calm Amongst the Chaos: How to Slow Down When Life Speeds Up

meditating figure with three spirals above their head

Just the phrase “holiday season” can cause anxiety. This time of year often accompanies stressful family gatherings, long shopping lists, crowded stores, and an extra full calendar of obligations at work, school, and in life. We’re here to remind you that your schedule is still your own. You have a say in the number of […]

How to Create Daily Affirmations (and Stick to Them)

A thought bubble with a heart in it.

Have you heard the hype surrounding daily affirmations?Are you wondering what they are and why so many people swear by them?Are you completely confused about what we’re talking about?If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this post is for you! We could all use an extra dose of motivation, more positive self-talk, and a […]

Say “Hello” to Spring With These Non-Spring Cleaning Activities

An icon of a Spring flower.

We’re almost there. The snow is starting to melt, the sun is peeking through, and you’re ready to pull those short-sleeve shirts from the back of your closet. For all you winter lovers, you’ll have to excuse our excitement because SPRING HAS (nearly) SPRUNG! If you’re as ready to welcome this fresh season as we are, we’ve got a list of fun activities to help you celebrate. (And we aren’t talking about spring […]

Generosity Changes the World (and You!)

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Is it better to give or to receive? As a kid, your answer probably would have been “receive” without even giving it a second thought. But as you’ve gotten older, you may have changed your mind on this. Why is that? Because you’ve realized that the way someone’s face lights up when you’ve done something kind for them is better than anything you could ever receive […]

Gratitude Matters

A graphic of human hands, touching palms.

You’ve heard it before: There is always something to show gratitude for (even in our last post!). Maybe you show your gratitude by simply saying, “thank you.” Or maybe you like to think outside the box and give others your time, perform random acts of kindness, or write a note to show you care. No matter how you express it, gratitude really […]

Combat Hard Times with Gratitude

A graphic of a person sitting down with their head in their hand, thinking about gratitude.

Is it gratitude that makes you happy? Or does happiness create gratitude? It’s probably not a concept you’ve given much thought to. You just know that when you’re happy, you’re happy, and when you’re not, you’re not. But how does gratitude factor into the equation? According to research from UC Davis Professor Robert Emmons Ph.D., people who […]

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

A smiley face with a sweat drop on it's forehead.

You’ve heard the phrase again and again: Don’t sweat the small stuff. But you may have some questions … starting with, what constitutes “small stuff?” In short, this phrase refers to the minor inconveniences in our lives. You know, the ones that definitely won’t matter in 5 years (or maybe even 2 weeks), but you […]

Learning to Be Self-Reliant

A person crossing their arms with two people behind.

What does it mean to rely on yourself? Simply put, it means learning to be more independent. Relying on others is safe and comfortable, which is what makes it a gut reaction for so many people. But becoming self-reliant means putting your faith and complete trust in yourself—an important quality to master in life, but also one that takes some practice. So, where do we even begin? How do we learn […]

The Power of Positive News

A globe has thought bubbles around it.

“Focus on the positive.” If you’re like most people, you’ve heard this cliché once or twice (or a million times). The unfortunate truth is that the world is full of negativity. In fact, it’s estimated that about 90% of all media news is negative. If negativity is what we’re constantly feeding our brains, it’s no […]