Assume It’s Positive!

three arrows pointing in different directions

It’s a big world out there, with SO many personalities, opinions, and ways of looking at life. And we definitely don’t always see eye-to-eye with everyone we meet (that would be weird, right?). But, how are we going about interacting with those around us? When was the last time you assumed someone’s thoughts or feelings […]

Ways to Serve Your People

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As humans, it’s in our nature to serve. Helping someone else makes others feel great, and you feel good, too. When it comes to serving the people in your life, we have a few tools to cultivate a great environment in which those around you feel cared for, and you do, too!  Don’t talk yourself […]

Get Out of Your Shell: Three Ways to be More Social

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Small talk, ice breakers, sweaty palms, awkward silence … let’s face it: social interactions aren’t always easy to navigate. Even reading the title of this post might have been enough to make you want to crawl under a blanket for a few hours.  If socializing isn’t exactly your idea of “fun,” you’re not alone. But the reality is that connecting with other people is critical to our health and wellbeing (read up on the science behind it here). Not to mention, […]

Generosity Changes the World (and You!)

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Is it better to give or to receive? As a kid, your answer probably would have been “receive” without even giving it a second thought. But as you’ve gotten older, you may have changed your mind on this. Why is that? Because you’ve realized that the way someone’s face lights up when you’ve done something kind for them is better than anything you could ever receive […]

Using Your Talents to Benefit Others

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How do you use your talents? Your answer is probably something along the lines of, “I use them to do my job every day, of course.” Or you might say, “I use them to pursue my passions.” Both answers are certainly warranted, but what if there’s a greater purpose for the talents we have? How about […]

Improving Your Community

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Being a part of a community is special. It means that you’re surrounded by a group of people with whom you have something in common. In the sense of where you live, your community might be a group of people who all love living in the mountains, the city, or near the beach. Maybe your community is a book […]

Building Better Friendships

A pinky promise with a heart.

People need friendships. Whether you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert, we all require genuine friendships to make life just a little bit easier on ourselves. Friendships are great for our health, as well! Science proves that adults with strong social ties have reduced risk for health issues like depression, high blood pressure, and unhealthy body […]

Unique Ways to Increase Your Family Connection

A teal icon of two people next to one another with a heart growing in the middle. Growing your family connections.

In the “go, go, go” world we live in, it’s hard to find time to do it all. Family connection is so important, but with clashing schedules and a mile-long to-do list, it can feel like you have no time to squeeze in a family dinner or game night, no matter how hard you try.   […]

Conflict Resolution … Don’t Let It Keep You Up at Night

Tension. We all know it. We all feel it. Many of us dread it … especially when it involves a disagreement, miscommunication, or conflict with someone else. Awkward silences … harsh voices … wondering what you could or should have said differently. Even just reading this paragraph probably made you uncomfortable. As much as we all dislike […]

Staying Positive Isn’t Just About Smiling More Often

A smiling blue sun.

Staying positive is not always our first instinct. In fact, our brains are hard-wired to lean toward overthinking and over-worrying—which, one might say, is pretty much the exact opposite of positive thinking. It might have made sense back in the hunter-gatherer days when danger lurked around every corner (and kept “realistic” [negative] thinking in our […]