How to simplify your life to change your life.

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Benefits of Simplifying Thinking about simplifying our lives usually brings about thoughts of actual “things.” While cleaning out the junk drawer or donating boxes from your closet can feel extremely rewarding, the benefits are far more than just tangential.  Let’s take a look at just a few ways that simplicity can be beneficial. Keep reading to […]

Choosing to Be Well in Your Home

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These are unprecedented times we’re living in, and with communities far and wide not only the country, but the globe, taking measures to distance ourselves for the safety of all, it leaves many of us feeling stuck or secluded at home. There are a million posts out there right now about how to work from home or find ways […]

Continuous Learning | Importance & Benefits

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Push Your Brain—Learning every day will give you more than just great life skills There are clichés we hear our whole lives, and among them is “Learn something new every day. It’s good for you!” The benefits of lifelong learning aren’t just so you’re smarter. They’re not even so you’re better at Thursday night trivia (although, […]