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10 New Ways to Organize Your Life

person next to symbols of a bed, eating utensils, and a coat hanger

In case you haven’t heard, September is Self-Improvement Month! And while there are so many different areas that fall under the “self-improvement” category, we’re kicking off the month by talking about organization.    Being organized is a great feeling, but the act of getting organized … well, that’s not always so fun, and it’s definitely […]

Three Ways to Declutter Your Mind

A bucket of cleaning supplies.

We often hear about the importance of decluttering our physical space, but what about the power of decluttering our minds? Meetings, appointments, kids’ schedules, family functions, life—having trouble balancing it all? It’s not just you. Research shows that the average American has less than half an hour of free time each week. So, even if […]

Summer Momentum (And Where to Find It)

An icon of a person hunched over their desk dreaming of summer. Struggling to find motivation.

The sun is up earlier, the weather’s warmer, and the kids aren’t ready for bedtime. (It’s still light outside and they’d rather be playing kickball or hide and seek until dark). Coworkers and friends are leaving for vacation, camping trips, taking Friday afternoons off, and it’s getting more and more difficult to turn down chips and salsa at […]

Business Image Improvement—Changes Every Business Should Make

An icon of two Polaroids, one behind the other, with a business person in frame.

Everyone wants to make a good impression, and business image is no different. As much as we all want and strive to focus on the fact that “It’s what’s inside that counts” (as we definitely should), first impressions are important—especially in business. If you walk into a store and it takes 20 minutes for someone […]

Financial Literacy Isn’t Just for Bankers

A stack of balance rocks with a bag of money at the top.

Not only is spring in full swing, but it’s April … and April is Financial Literacy month! Let’s be honest, we could all likely use a little more information regarding financial education and wellness. For many people and across all generations, money is a sticky subject to talk about. Bringing up debt, budgeting, credit scores, […]

Spring Cleaning Your Mindset

An icon of a head with clean bubbles and sparkles coming out of the brain area. Clean mindset represented on a teal background.

How many “spring cleaning” posts have been rolling through your feed the last few weeks? Home organization, cleaning, chores, etc. … we’re all very focused on ways to spring clean the “things” around us, but what about the parts inside us? When was the last time you took a good look at how the inner […]

Reaching Your Goals and How to Get There Faster

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A January slump in reaching your goals is real-talk. We’re now almost through January, and for those who made New Year’s resolutions, you might be wondering where that motivation went (or what those resolutions even were) and where to even start in reaching your goals. It’s so easy to get caught up in the moment […]

How to Get Motivated When You Just Aren’t

An icon of a human head with a charging battery representing the brain with a teal background. How to get motivated when you aren't feeling it.

“I’m not feeling motivated today.” “How do I get my motivation back?” “I don’t know where my motivation went.” “I can’t seem to find my motivation.” Most of us have said one (or all) of these sayings at some point and might even think them frequently in our daily lives. Motivation is a funny thing. […]

Emergency Preparedness Kits, Plans, Checklists. What you need to know.

An icon of a hiking backpack with browns and blues.

Emergency preparedness (or just preparedness!) doesn’t need to be scary. It’s National Preparedness month and we’re here to help you take a few steps to make sure you’re ready for anything! The Internet is full of emergency preparedness plans, kits, checklists, and a plethora of information—you don’t need ALL the of lists and plans, you […]

What’s in my bag? And … what should go in yours?

Three graphics of a weight, map, and a notebook.

We all procrastinate a little bit here and there. But there’s no need to put off figuring out “What’s in my bag?” for your daily routine. And, having a “daily routine” makes all of this even that much easier! Refer to this post whenever you’re unsure of what to throw in that bag of yours. […]