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Change Is Hard (and Necessary!)

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“Change is the only constant.” True. But no matter how often we’re told that change is normal, it doesn’t always mean it’s easy. We’re humans, after all … humans who are creatures of habit. We get cozy in the comfort of our routines, and when one thing shifts out of place, it often feels like […]

Filling Your Life with Healthy Competition

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Competition is a part of life. Some people are born into households with a competitive spirit, and some will go on to make careers out of competition. In fact, one could argue that just about every professional, in any field, will experience competition regularly. Whether you play a sport, attempt a degree in medicine or […]

Root for Yourself | Positive Self-Talk Matters

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From a young age, we’re taught to be kind to others, but are we showing that same level of kindness to ourselves? Let’s take a second to talk about your internal dialogue. Are you building yourself up, or are you constantly picking out the things you don’t like? For most of us, the negative self-talk […]

Success and YOU

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Whether you’ve grown up in the last decade, or the last five, there’s a common theme. Success is very rarely defined as internal—at least, what’s promoted on television or social media isn’t usually internally focused. We spend our days coveting the “success” of others, working toward what we think it means (money, fame, and power […]

Finding Security in Uncertainty

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As people, we all want a certain level of control in our lives. Some people are okay with relinquishing control occasionally, and others feel the need to be in control of everything. When we are faced with uncertainty, it’s common to feel nervous, worried, stressed, and even scared. It’s not easy walking into the unknown, […]

Lowering Stress Levels and Increasing Overall Health

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While some stress can be good—the excitement of a new job or the possibility of a new baby—many stressors take a toll on our mental and physical health. Stress is defined as the body’s response to a challenge or demand. To reduce the toll stress takes on our minds and bodies, we’ve outlined some steps […]

Be Yourself: Overcoming Social Comparison

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Social comparison. We’ve all dealt with it. As humans, we’re wired to want to see how we stack up against one another, and comparing ourselves is the natural way we do it. In fact, studies show that as much as 10% of our thoughts involve comparisons of some kind. The result? We spend our time […]

The Benefits of Embracing Change

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We are creatures of habit. We like to sleep on the same side of the bed, eat the same breakfast, and have a generally consistent day-to-day routine. However, it’s often in moments of discomfort or breaks in the norm that we’re encouraged to learn and grow. What initially feels like a moment of awkward vulnerability […]

Coming Back from Failure

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When we’re faced with failure, it’s common to be hard on ourselves. No, it doesn’t feel good to fail. But some of the best lessons are ones that don’t feel great in the moment. They leave a lasting impact on our memory and cause our future selves to second-guess the action that led to the […]

How to Create Daily Affirmations (and Stick to Them)

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Have you heard the hype surrounding daily affirmations?Are you wondering what they are and why so many people swear by them?Are you completely confused about what we’re talking about?If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this post is for you! We could all use an extra dose of motivation, more positive self-talk, and a […]