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Put Your Best (Business) Face Forward

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We all want to represent ourselves and our businesses as positively and professionally as possible. Oftentimes, we only get one chance to make a great impression on our audience. It’s important that we make the most of it. But with the many dynamic “faces” we wear each day, it can be challenging to keep them all consistent and smiling. 😊 To help, we’ve laid out some steps to guide you through your day and to keep your business’s freshest face forward

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Your Web "Face"

One of the first steps to running a successful business in the digital age is to ensure that your web presence is alive and active.  

  • Have you “googled” your business name lately?
  • How about your own (this is especially important if you are the owner of your business)?
  • What do you expect to find?
  • What do you actually find?

The answer to these questions is extremely helpful in understanding the process many people go through when they meet you. Most potential clients will start by typing your name into the search engine on their phone. It’s important that you are represented accurately and positively online. If your search mostly pulls up social accounts from high school (Myspace™ anyone?), you might want to fully delete them just to clean things up.  

Your Public-Facing Communication

It’s critical that your content is visually pleasing and free from error. This stays true whether you’re building your website or engaging your audience through social media posts or other written or printed material. Pro tip: Always have a fresh set of eyes look over your writing before it’s printed or published. No matter how detailoriented you are, if it’s your own writing, and you know what you’re saying, it’s natural to overlook minor mistakes. Grab a coworker, friend, neighbor, dog (well, maybe not)—someone else should always look over your work.

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Your Written Face (Emails and Texts)

Have you ever looked down at your phone and realized that you just sent a hurried text or email riddled with spelling errors and lacking punctuation? This may be fine when communicating with your friends, but if you’re using your phone for work-related messages, take the extra time to read through your writing before sending it. Take a moment to run everything through spell check. Read your messages slowly and aloud to ensure that they make sense, are sensitive to others, and clearly convey your ideas.   

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Your Printed Face (Business Cards and Flyers)

There’s nothing handier than being able to pass along a business card when you meet an unexpected contact while going about your day or when introducing yourself to someone new at a networking event. Business cards indicate that you’re ready to … do business, and that you’re serious about achieving your goals!  

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Your First Impression Face

Last but not least: Think about the face you see in the mirror. Are you well-rested, smiling authentically, and standing confidently? Then you’re ready to tackle your business goals head on! Before heading out to slay the day, check the contents of your purse or computer bag, so you are set up for success. Here are a few suggestions:  

  • Carry a spot stain remover in case you encounter an unexpected spill.
  • Stash a mini mirror (or just use your phone) to check that you haven’t left anything from your lunch in your teeth.
  • Include a lint remover in your bag so you don’t leave a trail of hair with you after visiting an animal-loving friend’s home.
  • Have your phone available for following up with others, but keep it in your bag. When having a conversation, people want to see your face, not the back of your phone.

The Many Face-ts of Doing Business

Now that you’ve checked and rechecked that your forward-facing business material, and you, are looking fun, fresh and fabulous, go out there and put your best face forward! By spending time every day working on your business, not just in your business, you’ll be proud of the content you put forward and excited to get out there and conquer your goals! 

After focusing on your face, turn your attention to your mind!

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