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Leadership and Communication … Our Top 5 Favorite Posts!

Building your leadership and communication skills isn’t always easy! We often hit a slump or a point in time when we can choose to either dig in or give up. We will always encourage you to take a breath and dig in. Will it make it easier? No, not really … BUT, it will always be worth it! 

Are you looking for some motivation, inspiration, and great reading to help you get through a tough day, month, or let’s be honest … year? We’re here to help influence and grow your communication and leadership skills! We’ve rounded up five of our favorite articles and blog posts in five of our favorite topic areas to help you get through a rough day, communicate more effectively, create and reach your goals, continue to stay motivated, and … Build Your Life™!  

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Leadership Tip #1 

Self-Care Tips for Bad Days  

Again, not all days are great. Some are even terrible (… there’s even a kid’s book about it). but it’s what you do with those days that makes you better. Take the initiative and do something with your bad day!

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Leadership Tip #2

Improve Your Active Listening Skills in 5 Steps 

Even if you’re the best listener of anyone you know … you probably know that you aren’t going to possibly know everything about everything. If there’s one thing we do know, it’s that active listening is one of the most important things you can do as a leader. Take a few minutes and brush up! 

Leadership Tip #3 

Reaching Your Goals and How to Get There Faster 

Goals are all fun and games in the beginning, but when you don’t reach them immediately, how do you react? Do you know how to keep moving forward in your goals past making that initial list or commitment to yourself? Are you feeling stuck in reaching those achievements? Here’s some help! 

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Leadership Tip #4 

How to Get Motivated When You Just Aren’t

Motivation sometimes is fleeting … want to know what you can do to keep it around longer? We’ve got just the article for you. Spend part of your lunch break re-motivating yourself, especially if you don’t want to!

Leadership Tip #5 

Risk Taking, Reward, and Handstands 

When it all just seems overwhelming and you aren’t sure why you’re taking the risks in front of you, or if you’re questioning whether you should take a risk at all … here’s why it’s important to jump, and what you gain from it! 

Take control of your own leadership and communication.

Pick one or read them all, but we hope you find value in each of these posts and are able to implement one (or several!) of these suggestions into your daily life!  

Our goal is to help you keep taking steps forward, even when you’ve taken a few back! It’s easy to get overwhelmed, frustrated, and feel as though you aren’t moving at a fast enough pace toward your goals. Just remember, everyone has those days, and it’s up to you to create something from them that you can feel good about.  

It’s easy to compare yourself to those around you and get discouraged. But your goal isn’t to be someone else, it’s to be the best version of yourself! If you admire someone … great! Mentors are a wonderful thing, and you should definitely gain insight and knowledge from helpful leaders around you. Just remember the positive things around youyou’re part of that!  

What’s your favorite content to read from us? How can we do better?

Share your comments with us, we LOVE your feedback!

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