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Self-Care Tips for Bad Days

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Bad Days 101 Self-care ideas to help you get through the rough times, using more than just funny work memes. Writing a blog post about bad days and how to fix them with self-care led to some highly educational research. Among this very-involved investigation, Google™ results for, “How to make your day better” returned several […]

5 Key Distraction Blasters

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Working On-The-Go: Staying focused while you grow your side-hustle You have a business! Maybe it’s a growing side-hustle in addition to your nine-to-five office job. Or maybe your side-hustle is now a full-fledged 24/7 business. Either way, we’re guessing that at some point you’ve struggled with staying focused while working. Keeping distractions at bay can […]

5 Steps to Getting Through Your TBR Pile

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TBR Pile Envy: How to read more and get your “must reads” down to a manageable stack. They say, “Leaders are readers” and we at WWG tend to agree. TBR piles (meaning, “To Be Read” pile for those who aren’t up on the “lingo”) tend to grow at a rapid pace—increasing exponentially any time you […]